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In a market that understood most platforms as aggregators, it weren’t easy for us to shift the mindset of many. But shift we did, with small schools, home chefs, street cafes – anyone who had a small but regular customer base – They were the first ones to catch on.

There lay the problem though. We were converting a set of customers whose businesses relied on products like Whats App and Facebook, to connect with their customers. These tools were never meant for businesses but for casual chat.

So whilst Swapp solved our customers’ pain they had with these brilliantly engineered tools, we also gave them a set of new pain –utterly poor experience.

The silver lining on those dark clouds was that our eCommerce module was working better and we set to work the market with that.

121 sign ups and a year later, Swapp looked like a product that bridged some of the gaps in the market, but also looked increasingly like a food app. 80% or more of our customers were businesses from food space. This posed a problem for us to launch our new version – now robustly engineered and with UI/UX that lends itself as a smooth, easy to use platform.

We were dealing with an identity crisis for our brand.

Rebranding is a decision most businesses would take with extreme trepidation. It is no different with us as well but the writing on the wall was clear. Rebrand or lose the product’s edge even before it is hatched well.

Thus was born, ONNE.

It is the new name and a new chapter for Swapp. We have embraced this change with the seriousness it accords. Erm…but somewhere down at an emotional level, there is a pinch. But that is how it is. Right?

What is in a name? Obviously a lot.

Ashwin  Panicker

The Best Support you can get !


For Startups like us, MSG 91 SMS service came in as a boon. They offer excellent service and support. Always there to help and clear our queries. And the messaging service, although was free for the first 6 months, didn’t lack any quality. All sms’es went on time. Extremely happy and truly impressed with Msg91 service and we are glad to have stumbled upon them.
Only request wll be this – Please continue the same ! Three cheers to Msg91 – Swapp’s preferred SMS solution provider.
PS – If you are a start up or an establised company and in need of SMS service, look no further.

A Happy Customer.

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