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Author: Bavani Srinu

5 Apps every restaurant owner must have in the Year 2017

There are over 2.8 million apps in the Google Playstore and over 2.2 million apps in the App Store. The average smartphone owner downloads between 2 and 3 apps per month. Right from productivity, entertainment, education, food & drinks, to networking, there are so many options to choose from. We have always been an advocate of ‘less is more’ and therefore against owning too many apps. Multiple apps can be distracting and can reduce your productivity level without you even realising it. But if there are 5 Apps  every restaurant owner or a manager must have this year, this list is it.

Room Planner – design App

Apps for Restuarants | Planning

Apps every restaurant owner must have

This app is the ultimate for owners who cannot visualise without a design in front of them. Suitable for new restaurants or those who are planning to renovate, this app begins with a blueprint design that you can adjust based on your current room size.Add elements to your room such as furniture, appliances, light fixtures, and other pieces you may require and all of these are inbuilt in the app. See how your restaurant will look like before engaging a contractor to work. This way you will be able to achieve exactly what you want in your restaurant.

Get Room Planner on IOS or Android

Freshbooks – Accounting App

Accounting software | mobile apps

Managing your accounts has never been this easy, thanks to Freshbooks. This cloud-based accounting solution helps small businesses to large ones manage their accounts right from their pocket. Why call in a bookkeeper when you can use an app to take care of it for you? Restaurant owners often tell us that they don’t have time to spend in front of their computer and would rather service their customers at their restaurant. Considering that you prefer to hit the floor, let the app help you manage your accounts on the go.

Get Freshbooks on IOS or Android.

RescueTime – Time Management App

Restaurant apps | Time Management Software

Do you complain that 24 hours in a day is not enough? Wish you had more time to think, plan, or even step out doing your purchase? You are not alone. We all wish we had more hours in the day. But the truth is, there are only 24 hours. What if you can find out what is that you are doing wrong to improve your productivity instead of wishing for longer days or nights? RescueTime helps you find out where you’re wasting time in a day by tracking your daily digital habits. It will tell you where you are spending time the most in a day and knowing your digital time spend will help you cut down on time spent on apps or websites that hamper your productivity. Cool isn’t it?

Get RescueTime on Android.


Scheduling Software | Mobile Apps

This employee scheduling software can reduce your labor cost up to 2%. Creating schedules can be one of the most complicated tasks of restaurant management. Using auto-scheduling and custom shift templates, this app builds a schedule based on staff availability and weekly shift requirements. Restaurant owners can now manage their staff in the office, on-the-go, or from home. This app also allows you to send group texts and emails to ensure everyone is kept in the loop. Talk about easy communication.

Get 7Shifts on IOS or Android

Swapp – For easy order & takeaways

Food ordering Software | mobile apps | Home delivery

Swapp helps small and medium restaurants have their own app in a few minutes. This is especially useful for restaurants who take a high number of orders through the telephone. Swapp’s ready template will increase business productivity with workflows that are comparable to that of high-end restaurants. It has a host of functions such as live update of the menu, loyalty points system, multiple admin access, analytics on inventory, etc. What more?  It also helps restaurants retain their customers. The app is free for end users to download. Restaurants pay as less as the cost of a taxi ride to own their very own app.

Get Swapp on iOS or Android.

Why you shouldn’t install too many apps?

Research says,

An average user will use somewhere between 11 – 20 apps on his phone.

However, most users on an average have up to 150 apps on their mobile device. Shocking right? Let us see how many apps you have on your phone. Check and come back. I am right here! 🙂

Since that is done 😉 and you, believe me, let us get back to what I started telling you. This article is to tell you why exactly you should avoid downloading plenty of apps on your phone and how it could affect you/your phone's life.

apps in phone

It kills your space

The data on your phone is stored on its hard drive. The more apps you download, the more space it takes and it would become an issue to download updated versions, take more photographs and save them to your device.

Slows your phone down

Apps run in the background. It is a known thing. Whether you use it or not, they are there, doing their job. When they run in the background, your phone becomes slow. Depending on your operating system, the speed varies but they end up hanging and will slow you down.

Eats up your battery

Plenty of apps not only slows your phone down but also eats into y our precious battery life. If you are not able to use your phone without charging again within a day's time, there are apps in your phone that are draining your battery. You need to identify them and get rid of them.

Uses up precious data

Every download, update, and apps running in the background use your mobile data. You many not realize the amount of data that is being used till you get your next month bill. Look for the apps you don't use say bye bye sooner than later.

Managing many apps can be cumbersome

You want to find the currency converter and have scrolled down your phone screen three times and can't spot it? It is right these lost amongst so many unwanted apps you had downloaded earlier. Make life easy and declutter your phone.

Interferes with your routine

More apps, more activity. More activity, more notifications. How many times has your phone beeped and ended up distracting you? Be it in a meeting, or the time you spend with your family, plenty of apps, interfere with your daily routine.

Your phone could be vulnerable

Although I have listed this as the last, this is one of the main reasons to avoid downloading plenty of apps to your mobile device. The more apps you have, the more chances you are providing to compromise your personal ad important data. Go on, delete some apps! You will thank me later 🙂 Ashwin Panicker is the Founder of Swapp, the next gen one app to do multiple things in your daily life.

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