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Why small businesses should have their own mobile application

An average person spends 174 minutes on mobile devices every day. 60% percent of millennials buy products on their smartphones. Based on a research done by Morgan Stanley, 91% of adults have their mobile phone within arms reach 24/7.

Whether you are a florist, a retail store or a fish monger, your customers still need to reach you. Gone are the days of traditional advertising where you open shop, put an ad in the newspaper and wait for customers to come to you. People are transacting on mobile phones more than ever. Small businesses should have their own mobile application to grow their business. By 2017 mobile search will generate 27.8 billion more queries than desktop search. If you are a small or a medium company, group or an organisation and don't have your own mobile application, imagine what you are losing out on?

Traditional advertising is expensive and not affordable for small and medium business owners. Big businesses, even today, spends thousands of marketing dollars online to create, engage and retain their customers. How does having your own mobile application help you?  

Your App is a Direct Marketing Channel

When you have your own mobile app, it is easier for customers to reach you. When you make it easy for customers to reach you, you are able to market to your existing client and also acquire new leads. Not having your own app would make you rely on bigger brands who would promote 1000s of similar business such as yours. Chances of losing your customer to your competition is high.

Did you know?


Average cost of a lost customer amounts to $243 according to a report from Kissmetrics. 



Increases Engagement with your Customers

Customer experience is the new battlefield. Your own app provides a powerful customer experience. You can be in control of what you want to show to your customers, change offers, products in display, share updates and more. You are also able to answer to queries sooner than any other marketing channel. When your customer knows that you are available to respond to their queries, they engage with you frequently.

89% of businesses shall now compete mainly on customer experience.

Helps you foster Customer Loyalty


Statistics prove that mobile apps are crucial for customer loyalty. According to a report from Apptentive, 66% of companies that saw a decrease in customer loyalty did not own a mobile app.

Your own mobile app will helps you understand your customer through advanced analytics. Tracking their visit and purchase pattern and understanding the kind of content that attracts them would help you create and modify communication better. There is no more shooting arrow in the dark. Have a customer loyalty programs and keep them coming back to your for more.


Establishes you as a Recognised Brand


By having your own mobile application, you are establishing your presence in the digital world. Unlike advertising which is based on the ad spends you are able to do, your app will remain with you for years to come. You can now attract new audience and engage with existing ones easily. Customers are access your app easily, buy from your, spread the word about you, boosting demand and eventually become loyal customers.


Saves you Tons of Money

Building an app need not be expensive. Gone are the days where mobile apps were for big businesses who could allocate huge marketing dollars in creating it. Swapp, an app platform helps small and medium businesses have their own app for the cost of a taxi ride. The platform hosts apps of multiple businesses and consumers can use swapp, a single app to open multiple apps that are part of their daily life. Be it the neighborhood grocery, restaurant to order food, school, drycleaner, dentist or more. One App, Many Roles.

Get your own mobile app and build your business today!

Strangers can now be your neighbours


 Did you know that 90 percent of consumer's mobile time is spent in apps? In a world that has turned digital, we humans spend a majority of our time on mobile devices. We are constantly seeking answers, entertaining ourselves, educating, and interacting with people, groups, and businesses that matter to us. We read the news, watch our favorite movies,  listen to music, chat on social platforms, and so on.


According to the research done by Hitwise, F&G category gets 72% of the total search volume through mobile devices. Health, Sports, News & Media and Lifestyle follow closely.  




With the growing numbers of 'digital presence' and big players entering our market, we are presented with so many options that we tend to forget those in our neighborhood. Not that it is bad to use our mobile phones. Mobile devices have actually eased our lives and there are a lot of apps that help us do specific things. If you look at the online shopping behavior in the last quarter of 2016 by Monetate, it is evident that shopping behavior is leaning towards smartphone and tablets than traditional methods.




I mean, when you look for a restaurant to eat, there are platforms that provide you 100 + options. When you look for groceries to buy, one google search and you find a plethora of information! When you look for a laundry service, the same thing happens. You are flooded with information.That is great and we all want to have options in front of us.


But what if, you are trying to do your daily stuff and so many options are not necessary? What if you want to connect to few and have a meaningful relationship with them? Let me explain.



I buy groceries from my regular grocery store.


I order takeaway from my favourite restaurant on my way home.


I send my kids to their regular tuition center.


I go to exercise in my regular gym.



When I have a set of places to turn to for my REGULAR stuff,  I am not keen to be bombarded with options.


What if you could have one app to take care of your daily needs?

What if you could open that app and do multiple things?

Things that matter to you?


We are living in an 'app world' and the ones who catch the wave will succeed.



What if you can own or be part of a closed group/(s) to interact with your community members in a structured format. It builds your relationship with people and business that are important for you. Strangers are now your neighbors 🙂


Download Swapp, your next generation one app to do multiple things in your daily life! Those things that matter to you. I swapp. Do you?

Why you shouldn’t install too many apps?

Research says,

An average user will use somewhere between 11 – 20 apps on his phone.

However, most users on an average have up to 150 apps on their mobile device. Shocking right? Let us see how many apps you have on your phone. Check and come back. I am right here! 🙂

Since that is done 😉 and you, believe me, let us get back to what I started telling you. This article is to tell you why exactly you should avoid downloading plenty of apps on your phone and how it could affect you/your phone's life.

apps in phone

It kills your space

The data on your phone is stored on its hard drive. The more apps you download, the more space it takes and it would become an issue to download updated versions, take more photographs and save them to your device.

Slows your phone down

Apps run in the background. It is a known thing. Whether you use it or not, they are there, doing their job. When they run in the background, your phone becomes slow. Depending on your operating system, the speed varies but they end up hanging and will slow you down.

Eats up your battery

Plenty of apps not only slows your phone down but also eats into y our precious battery life. If you are not able to use your phone without charging again within a day's time, there are apps in your phone that are draining your battery. You need to identify them and get rid of them.

Uses up precious data

Every download, update, and apps running in the background use your mobile data. You many not realize the amount of data that is being used till you get your next month bill. Look for the apps you don't use say bye bye sooner than later.

Managing many apps can be cumbersome

You want to find the currency converter and have scrolled down your phone screen three times and can't spot it? It is right these lost amongst so many unwanted apps you had downloaded earlier. Make life easy and declutter your phone.

Interferes with your routine

More apps, more activity. More activity, more notifications. How many times has your phone beeped and ended up distracting you? Be it in a meeting, or the time you spend with your family, plenty of apps, interfere with your daily routine.

Your phone could be vulnerable

Although I have listed this as the last, this is one of the main reasons to avoid downloading plenty of apps to your mobile device. The more apps you have, the more chances you are providing to compromise your personal ad important data. Go on, delete some apps! You will thank me later 🙂 Ashwin Panicker is the Founder of Swapp, the next gen one app to do multiple things in your daily life.

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